[Image - A battered Ahiru,as a duck, smiling at Fakir.]

[Text - (814): I’m so proud of us for not dying.]

[Image - Fakir holding Ahiru in her duck form.]

[Text - (816): Can we be in one of those super weird relationships where you carry me around everywhere?]

[Image - Princess Kraehe holding Mytho.]

[Text - (732): That’s how I like my men: traumatized and crying in a ball]

[Photoset - First image is Drosselmeyer talking to Princess Tutu. Second image is Princess Tutu talking to Drosselmeyer. Third image is a close up of Drosselmeyer’s face.]

[Text - (919): The point remains that this is the setup for some great stories (1-919): Or terrible, horrifying, traumatic experiences (919): great clearly means different things to us]

[Image - Fakir talking to a pantless Mytho.]

[Text - (235): Yeah. I mean it wasn’t that awkward. I just made conversation like there was absolutely no lack of pants.]

[Photoset - First image is Rue, Mytho and Fakir dancing together. Second image is Ahiru, as a duck, sadly watching them.]

[Text - (606): Its like bringing all that milkshake to the yard and I’m a diabetic and can’t have any]

[Photoset - First image is a Mytho’s love heart shard. Second image is Princess Kraehe and Princess Tutu dancing.]

[Text - (+44): you realize you insisted on them having a dance off to korean music to determine who takes you home?]

[Photoset - First image is a close up of a horrified Fakir’s face. Second image is Fakir getting slashed in half.]

[Text - (217): I learn from experience and I experienced what it would be like to  completely lose my mind and wake up with a stab wound.]

[Image - Princess Tutu talking to Fakir.]

[Text - (215): You will go out on a boat of flames filled with honor, sarcasm, and assholery, let me assure you.]

[Image - Mytho hugging Fakir, with an overlay of a close up of his face.]

[Text - (315): idk if you’re aware of this…but we could potentially have the greatest hate sex…ever.]